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Little & Brave is an interactive children's book about anxiety, developed by child psychologist. It's available on the App Store as an universal app with support for iPad and iPhone. The app translated into 12 languages.


The app contains gorgeous illustrations and frame-by-frame animations, with warm, earthy colours. All illustrations by Matti Örjefelt

Little & Brave explains anxiety in a language that children, aged 5-8, can understand. The aim is that: 


  • The child should understand what anxiety is

  • The book will stimulate conversations about the child's own anxiety

  • The book will provide comfort and make the child realise that he or she is not alone in being afraid

  • The book will motivate children to face their fears

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Little & Brave is not a step-by-step instruction on how to lessen anxiety; rather it’s a preparation before you take steps towards working with anxiety. Being able to talk about anxiety in a relaxed manner is often the major hurdle before behaviour change!

If you feel uncertain of how to best help your child, don't hesitate to consult a psychologist for guidance. If your child has a severe phobia that dominates the life, you should always seek professional help.

The app cover many different kinds of anxieties and phobias, making it likely that the child can identify with at least a few examples.

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The app explains how anxiety can help us in some situations and hinder us in others.

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The turtle Winston is a travel companion throughout the app. He asks curious questions to the reader that allows the child to reflect on its own anxieties.


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